jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Favorites products !

Hello everyone!

I return for a new article, based more on beauty, I talked a lot about music is latest articles. So I wanted to tell you about the products I have tried recently and what I thought.

Let's begin!

    The first is a shampoo Schwarzkopf is the hair repair oil slipped precious care, I tested for several weeks, that is me dry hair type on the tips and bold enough on the scalp, I find it not bad, of course it must be used with after shampoo  there will be made much more positive, but hair is always damaged, but I feel they are so dry that previously.

          Second ! Stay on hair products is for dry hair is the miraculous oil by garnier, many people are elected product of the year, and although they did well! this is really not bad, once my hair done, I apply pressure and I think the oil gives a fairly shiny and silky love!

    The third is an essential for the eyes, mascara, I have one for several months that I love, it is by maybelline  the extra wow lash, it does it job well !

The fourth is the urban decay naked 3, I love all the colors, they have intense color, I love this brand ! :) 
And the last one, it's a lipstick from sephora, it's my most for fall and winter ! It's the R15 Decolleté! I love the color, it's not to flashy and not to dark I love this color so much !!
That's all for now, I hope you liked it, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments what are your favorite products and if you liked

Xoxo ! 

dimanche 7 décembre 2014

Information Sales ! :)

Hello Everyone !

For christmas I will give you some website very interresting for the holidays :)

First :

Miniinthebox is a large clearance and stuff for christmas, many products such as mobile accesories, jewerly, makeup, watches go check it ou ! :)

See you soon ! :)

samedi 6 décembre 2014

Newcomer of the Year

Hello everyone ! :) 

Soon Christmas, looking forward !! I'm so excited ! :)

as the title says, I wanted to tell you about a revelation of the year, a singer I love recently but I think everyone knows.
She started as an actress on Nickelodeon in Victorious. But now she really stood comedy actress title for adolescents. At 21 I think she has managed her life. I am talking about Ariana Grande! And yes I'm a big fan of her voice, and her album :) For Christmas I think it would be perfect as a gift if you lack inspiration. She has an amazing voice often compared to Mariah Carey but I do think she has her own talent, I love it. This year I think its been a year, as a great singer recognized the public. Congratulation Ariana Grande continues to the delight of your fans :)

  A small piece especially for Christmas! ; )

See you soon;)